Currently BHNF regular publications. These are:
National Security and development Council , Building Safeguard against Black swan. A brief history of the framing of the international crimes (Tribunal) Act, 1973, incorporates in the constitution as genocide Act Transition to Democracy Kutnoitic Bishaw Forgotten War : Forgotten Genocide
Edited Third International Criminal Law Edited Roundtable on New Regionalism and South Asia Edited Single Currency in South Asia Role of the Armed Forces in Strengthening Democracy Edited Transit and Transshipment
People United nation - Twenty five years of Bangladesh in the united nation Cooperation in Education Science and Culture in South Asia Region Bangladesh and The United Nation in Law and International Affairs President William Jefferson Clinton's Journey for Democracy Development and Cooperation in South Asia Edited Human Rights in Bangladesh
UN : We Believe and Other Essays A Decade of Bangladesh in the UN Ten Years of Bangladesh in the United Nations Allume La Lamp Dorre Bengali Translation of Poems of noted poest into French sponsored by Bangla Academy
Aryan-Dravidian Synthesis: Fear or Hope (in Works) Untold Story of a Nation (in Works) Revised Editions of UN: We Belive In (In Works) Translated contemporary Bangla Poems of recognized Bangla poets into French. Editor of the Journal of International Affairs and Editor of an Anatomy of BILIA Judicial Training with Difference. (1998-2010)
Emergence of Bangladesh as the 136th UN member state: role of superpowers in the shadow of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in a Pakistani Jail (In Works) Journey of A Diplomat in the works Bangla translation of the poems of Yavgeni Yuvvteschenko and Pablo Neruda (In Works) Rites of Passage: From a Jihadi State to Failed State (Pakistan). Spoken for assistance to the Brookings Institution and Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholar, Professor Salig S. Harrison, Washington DC, and Ahmed Rashid (Descent into Chaos fame) a Pakistani but works for Daily Telegraph, London).
Monograph on National Security Development Council        



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