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Ambassador Waliur Rahman

Born in December 26, 1942 in a respectable Muslim family in Jhenaida and in an enlightened village called Kancherkole. His Late father Al Hajj Dr. Habibur Rahman was a philanthropist. His grandfather was disciple of Haji Shariatullah in charge of Khustia, Jessore and |Khulna. He was given title of Faraizi because of his active role in spreading true value of Islam. His maternal Grandfather was a Judge of Calcutta Court.   His late mother Mrs. Firoza Rahman and his grandmother was a Persian and Sanskrit scholar.Chairman, Bangladesh Heritage Foundation, Democracy, Security and Human Rights Research.Former Executive Director, Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA).Former Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Special Envoy of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (1997-1998).Joined Pakistan Foreign Service in 1966. He resigned in Geneva in 1971, in protest against the Pakistan military action in Bangladesh and declared allegiance to the Mujibnagar Govt.
  • National and International Coordinator, Task Force for bringing back the alleged murderers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from abroad.
  • As Special Envoy of the Former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited South Africa to invite Mr. Nelson Mandela to Bangladesh on the occasion of Silver Jubilee of Independence. He was in charge of invitation all Foreign Guests to our Silver Jubilee celebration.
  • In 1972 I was involved in the drafting and fine-tuning of International Crimes (Tribunal) passed by Parliament on July 20, 1973 with the assistance of International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) Ian McDermott, Chairman (former Irish Foreign Minister), Sean McBride, Chairman of Amnesty International and Max Plank Institute of International Criminal Law at Freibourg, West Germany.
B.A. Honours in English Literature, Dhaka University, 1965 with Distinction.
Oxford 1974-1975 Was in Trinity College, Oxford for researching and writing- Dissertation on International Law in general and Law of the Sea, Intentional  Politics, Diplomacy, International Trade and Finance-Under Prof. Alaistair Buchan, Prof. Peter Oppenheimer, and Prof. Ian Brownley, and Prof. O’ Connel as Moderators. Earlier passed with distinction in CRPC and CPC at the Lahore Civil Service Academy.
Oxford Was a Visiting Fellow at Oxford in 1993
Geneva, Rome Vienna Setup Bangladesh Permanent mission office to the UN in Geneva in January 1972. Served as Permanent Representative from 1972 to 1975. Piloted admission of Bangladesh to WHO, UNCTAD, ILO, UPU, GATT, FAO, IAEA, UNIDO, WMO, ITU, and all UN Agencies based in Geneva. Signed Agreement with Swiss Red Cross, International Commission of Red Cross and League of Red Cross Societies.
Geneva 1973-1975 Deputy Leader in the conference of Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts under ICRC, with Justice Abu Sayeed Chowdhury as Team Leader.
Dhaka 1975-1977            Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka.
Jeddah 1977-1978 Director in Charge, Political Legal and Information Department in Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in the Cabinet of the OIC Secretary General, Mr. Amadou Karim Gaye, former Foreign Minister of Senegal. Was responsible for bringing President Ne Win of Burma to Dhaka and repatriation of 1 million Rohingya Refugees back to Burma, by courtesy of OIC.
New York1979-1978 Ambassador & Deputy permanent representative to United Nations and Security Council withAmbassador Khawja M. Kaiser as Permanent Representative. Represented Bangladesh in 34th, 36th            37th, 39th and 40th session of UNGA.
Anapolis 1982 April Participated at an International Workshop on North-South Dialogue at the passing out ceremony of midshipmen at US Naval Academy, Anapolis.
New York 1981 Represented Bangladesh at an International Conference at Mohonk Valley held under the auspices of the Carnegie International on Development and Security. Also represented Bangladesh at the Namibia Conference at New Delhi in 1985.
Havana 1979 Attended 7th and 8th non Aligned Summit. 1983 Conference in Havana and New Delhi.
Casablanca  1983 Casablanca-4th Islamic Summit Conference.
New York 1982 Coordinator of informal Group of Disarmament and Development in 2nd SSOD, New York.
1980-1985 Chairman of Council for Namibia Delegation to Law of the Sea Conference, including meeting in Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica, Worked closely with Late ANC leader Macatini and Theo Ben Guirirob, Present Prime Minister of Namibia. Successfully conducted negotiation with US, Canada, Britain and Germany giving equitable share of Walvis Bay Mineral Resources to Namibia.
Algiers 1980 Deputy Leader of Bangladesh delegation at Extraordinary session of Council for Namibia.
New York 1980-1982 Vice Chairman 2nd SSOD, Preparatory Committee-Special, Session of UNGA devoted to Disarmament.
Fiji & Papua NewGuinea 1983-1984 Attended 3 Commonwealth Summit Meetings.
Dhaka 1982-1986 Director General in Charge of UN, International Organization, Economic Affairs, Commonwealth Affairs, Research and Policy Planning Division. Also DG for External Publicity, MOFA.
Rome 1986-1993 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Italy, Switzerland and Tunisia, in addition permanent representative to FAO, WFP and IFAD.
Oxford 1993 Visiting Research Fellow Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford for work on a book “Untold Story of a Nation”.
New York 1982-90 Served as member of expert group for UN reports on Economic and Social Consequences of Arms Race and Military Expenditure (ESCAR): submitted to the Secretary-General. Five Publications are available at the UN Secretariat.
Dhaka 1996-1997 Served as Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Bangladesh. Was the National and International Coordinator of the Trial of murderers of the Father of the Nation.
Colombo 1999-Election Dec. Observer in the Presidential Election in Sri-Lanka.
Tanzania & Zanzibar-2000 (October-November) Observed Election in Zanzibar as member of the Commonwealth Observer Group.
December, 2008 Observed Election on Bangladesh at Dhaka-5.
Kathmandu-2000 (March 6-8) Attended Energy South Asia Conference invited by US Energy Dept.
Washington DC April-2000 Attended Energy and Gas Conference in Washington upon invitation of International Gas Association, USA.  Have been closely working with NDI in advising as to how to make Parliament more effective.
  01. UN: We Believe In
02. A Decade of Bangladesh in the UN;
03. Bangladesh and the United Nations
04. Allume Le Lamp Dorre
05. Bengali Translation of Poems of noted poets into French sponsored by Bangla Academy,
06. Aryan-Dravidian Synthesis: Fear or Hope (in the works)
07. Untold Story of a Nation (in works)
08. Revised Editions of UN: We Believe In (in the works)
09. Translated contemporary Bangla Poems of recognized Bangla Poets into French. Bangla Academy sponsored it.
10. Editor of the Journal of International Affairs and Editor of an Anatomy of BILIA Judicial Training with Difference.
11. Emergence of Bangladesh as the 136th UN member state:  Role of superpowers in the shadow of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in a Pakistani jail, (in the works).
12. A Diplomats Diary
13. Bangla translation of the poems of Yevgeni Yuvteschenko and Pablo Neruda. Now in the works for February Boi Mela.
14. His book Transition to Democracy in Bangladesh has just been published by the UPL.
15. Rites of Passage: From a Jihadi State to Failed State (Pakistan). Being assisted by the Brookings Institution and Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholar, Professor Salig S. Harrison, Washington DC, and Ahmed Rashid (Descent into Chaos fame) a Pakistani but works for Daily Telegraph, London).
16. ইতিহাসের শেষ দেখা: বঙ্গবন্ধুর সাথে ২৭ দিনের একান্ত আলাপচারিতার  একটি দলীল।
17. Monograph on National Security and Development Council
18. Monograph on Brief History of the Framing of the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act, 1973.
19. Forgotten War : Forgotten Genocide.
  • Member of International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in London from 1975.
  • Life Member of Oxford University Club
  • Associate Member of International Peace Academy, New York.
  • Member Society for International development (SID) Rome
  • Life Member of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB),
  • Life Member of Asiatic Society
  • Life Member of Dhaka University Alumni Association;
  • Life Member, Bangla Academy;
  • Life Member Bangladesh History Council, DU;
a) Contributed papers at the Heritage Foundation Washington DC on Bangladesh along with Deputy Asst. Secretary of State John Gastright and Congressman Joseph Crowley, President, Bangladesh Caucus in 2007.
b) Addressed International Law Institute (ILI) at Washington DC on anticorruption campaign in Bangladesh-2007.
c) Contributed paper at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Canada on Bangladesh in 2007.
d) Addressed at the Chatham House, London on Bangladesh situation in 2007.
e) Presented paper on Bangladesh at the National Defense University (NDU) at Washington DC-2008.
f) Presented paper on the strategic impact of climate change in Bangladesh as per the IPCC (IV) Report at the Henry L. Stimson Center-2008, Washington DC.
g) Interacted with Scholars (Professor Stephen Cohen), at the Brookings Institute, and Professor Salig S. Harrison, Center for International Policy-2008.
h) Presented paper at the IISS GSR conference on Transnational Security Threat to Bangladesh and Rise of Islamist Extremism in South Asia in 2007.
h) Presented a paper on “The Widening Counter-Terrorism Challenge” at the 3rd IISS GSR Conference held on September 16-18, 2005 at Hotel Intercontinental, Geneva.
i) Contributed to “Counter-Terrorism: New Approaches” and National Intelligence apparatus particularly in developing countries focusing on the need for strengthening the role of police and special Branch Intelligence Services under the supervision of the Ministry of Home/Interior Ministry. I also focused on the role of reformed police system in Bangladesh in upholding Human Rights issues and Rights of Women and Children at the 7th IISS GSR Conference held on September 11-13, 2009 at Hotel Intercontinental, Geneva.
j) Drafted a National Report on “Bangladesh’s Preparation for Universal Periodic Review” in 2008.
k) Presented a brief on “State of Media and Democracy in Bangladesh” organized by Rita Payne, Chair, Commonwealth Journalists Association, UK in September, 2009.
l) Specially contributed to enhance bilateral understanding and cooperation between India and Bangladesh. Regular participants in TV talk shows at home and abroad on issues impinging on national and international affairs including national security.
m) Piloted Membership of all UN Agencies based in Geneva, Rome, Vienna and Berne.
n) A Received Bangabandhu in Geneva August -      September 1972 and in September 1973.
o) Met President of South Africa Nelson Mandela – January 1997 and invited him to Bangladesh for our Silver Jubilee Celebration.
p) Anchor of BTV English programme 2008-2010.
q) Chief National and International Coordinator of the Trial of Bangabandhu Killers’.
r) Writes in various newspapers on commission & participates in different TV programmes.
s) Adviser of the International Crimes Tribunal now being held in Bangladesh , Published Two Books for the Tribunal and initiated the process of Trial through a Daylong Training Session for the Hon’ble Justices distinguished Prosecutors and  Investigators.
Language Bengali, English, French, Italian, Hindi, Urdu.
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