Activities 2009

1. Roundtable on, “Democracy and Development: Impact of Secular Bangladesh in the Secular democracy, 18th July,2009 

Chief Guest: Dr. Mahiuddin Khan Alamgir, MP, Chairman , Parliamentary Committee on public Undertaking in Bangladesh. Purpose: To discuss about the impact of secular Bangladesh in the secular democracy


2. A Brainstorming session on “The International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973” 2nd May,2009, 

Purpose: To increase international acceptance and effectiveness of ICTBD and to describe the neutrality and fairness of ICTBD to prevent people from misconception


3. Second International Conference on “Genocide Truth and Justice, 30-31st  July,2009 

Purpose: To make people aware about the genocide committed in 1971 to prevent them from misunderstanding fired by anti-liberation forces and to increase effectiveness of ICTBD to ensure justice.


4. “International Criminal Court: Implementation and Challenges” November 14th, 2009 

Purpose: To describe the challenges of ICTBD and to recommend necessary policies to overcome those challenges


5. Brain storming session on “Idea of Bangladesh and the war of Liberation: strategic importance of   the trial of the alleged criminals under the international crimes (Tribunal) ACT 1973, July 20,   ACT No- XIX” 19th  December,2009  

Purpose: To discuss the Idea of Bangladesh and current condition of Bangladesh to bring focus on the challenges arising from anti-liberation forces, and to discuss prospects of ICTBD.


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